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Outrageous Freedom means letting go of shame and guilt – once and for all.

Together we get back to the basics of self-love, self-care, and self-assurance.
We eliminate shame and guilt (shilt) and lay a new foundation for our lives.
Then, we set new agreements for ourselves, put tangible goals into place, and achieve the success you crave.

Hi I’mAllyson.

As a psychic and healer, I’ve spent a LIFETIME helping people, from all walks of life, get to the root of their pain so they are equipped and ready to experience true joy.

A huge ah-ha moment came when I learned this simple truth: Once our shame and guilt are found, it can be released for good. You don’t have to live with weights on your ankles, you can be free.

Learn how to eliminate shame and guilt with my video program.

clients say…

“Allyson has helped me grow in ways that I only dreamed possible. She helped me to see old patterns and make connections between my thoughts and behavior that I didn’t see on my own! Literally, every time I talk with her, I gain new insight. Because of my work with her, I feel more confident and able to manage through life challenges. Thank you, Allyson!!!”





“Allyson has not only given me clarity, she has given me hope, and opened my eyes to how much my dream would become a reality.”

“I’ve been working with Allyson off and on for seven years. With her help, I have been able to turn my life around in every area. She helped save my marriage, and has guided me tremendously in my business. I continue to see Allyson to work on myself on the inside. As a fitness instructor and business owner, working with Allyson helps keep my life in balance. It’s sometimes very hard to face our stuff, but Allyson’s gentle approach and her unique and intuitive insight somehow makes it all amazing. I highly recommend her!”

“Allyson, I wanted to tell you what a fabulous coach you are. During our coaching time together, you were incredibly helpful to me and I know I would never had written my books or developed my speaking career if it wasn’t for your coaching. However, it wasn’t until I spent the weekend with you at an event that I saw how truly outstanding you are. So many out there call themselves coaches without the credentials. What you are doing to help others is amazing. So many lives are changed because of you and I am one of them. From my heart, thank you.”

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