All of us have that breaking point, that one last final straw, when we know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

While it’s different for each of us, it still is the same for us all. It’s that time in our lives when we’ve put back on the 50 pounds we swore we never would. Or, we’ve been stood up…again. Maybe it’s the signs that we’ve been cheated on…again. Maybe we’ve racked up the credit card debt we said we wouldn’t do. Perhaps we can’t stop grieving over a death, or we are still hating our ex-spouse or ex-partner.

Whatever that straw is, it is there to get our attention and move us INTO ACTION. We are headed South, and abruptly turn and head North. We cannot and will not be stopped. WE ARE DONE! This is a final straw moment, and yet, most of us will miss our moments many times before we actually begin showing up for ourselves.

What do you need in order to begin living a better life? Seriously. Stop and ask yourself this question. Perhaps, even, write it down. What is it? More money? A love life? A better job? Free from your past? Grateful for the present?

You have a story. This story can be rewritten if it’s no longer working for you. If are waking up daily and you dread facing the day, then something has to change, and it MUST start with YOU. Maybe you aren’t dreading the day, BUT, you see the same unhealthy or unhappy “things” repeating themselves.

The rescuer you are looking for, longing for, and hoping for – that faithful partner to bring you everything you need – is YOU!

And here’s the magic…straw can build a castle! Once you say, “NO,” to your fear, and “YES,” TO YOU, final straws become the very material that builds the life you CRAVE!

If you are ready to say, “YES,” then let’s talk. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your YES. Allow this particular final straw to actually be your last.

Much love,
Allyson Roberts