I remember a day that I was walking in the park. I was watching my shadow. Sometimes it was in front of me. Sometimes behind me. It all depended upon how the light from the sun shone on me. I had a thought, “When the light shines on us, we can see everything.” So, I stepped into a meditation where I asked God to shed light on all of me. I wanted to see it all – the good, the bad, the beautiful, the shame, the fear, the courage, and the combination of everything I had created in my life. I was 45 years old. It was the most cathartic moment of my life.

Releasing our past can be scary and painful. It means that we let go of the stories that bind us. It means revisiting memory lane with a new heart – a heart of forgiveness and understanding. Forgiveness – the “F” word that most people misunderstand – is for self-freedom and nothing else. We can’t release our past without it. You know you’ve forgiven yourself when you become indifferent to something. When the past no longer triggers you, you can confidently step into the reality that you have placed your past in the proper perspective – it no longer affects you.

If you are struggling with letting go of the past, any part of it, here are some things you can do to help the process.

First, you can buy some red balloons. Each balloon will represent a person or event that you cannot seem to release. Find a field where there aren’t many trees. Hold the balloon strings so tight that it makes your hand hurt. Then, slowly, one-by-one, say aloud, “I release ________.” As you say each event, use your other hands to help release a balloon. Squeeze tightly again. Repeat the process until your hand is empty. Stare at your empty hand until you feel the release go all the way through your body.

If the idea of releasing balloons doesn’t resonate with you, another thing you can do is burn letters. Sit down with pen and paper and write to each person or event that you need to release. Maybe the letter is to yourself. However, you need to write, just do it. Write until your hand hurts. Write even when you feel as if you’re done. Write until your mind goes blank. This is the clue that it’s all out of you. Then, go to your fireplace or grill, and as you burn each letter, honor the flames. Say aloud, “With these flames, I release _______________.”

The important thing is to find a ritual of release that works for you. Releasing the past is the only way to truly move forward and be free from your pain.

If you need to release the past, and the rituals aren’t working, or you feel stuck, I’d love to chat with you. It’s a free call, and I promise to give you the guidance you can begin implementing today. All you must do is hop over to www.allysonroberts.com and book a Find Your Freedom Call. It’s my gift to you, and I can’t wait to help you reach your next level of Outrageous Freedom!

Much love,
Allyson Roberts