It’s time for a Spring Cleaning…

Soul Cleanse

Discover Your Spiritual Clutter and ELIMINATE IT.
Spot Old Patterns, Squash Blocks, Unleash Your Joy!

 A 7-week, online program guided by a world-renowned psychic. Includes private coaching, exercises, email guidance, text support, and more! Launching May 1st.

20 spots available ONLY
“Allyson has not only given me clarity, she has given me hope, and opened my eyes to how much my dream would become a reality.” Reiauh Gregory

Hello beautiful soul!

As a driven spirit, you’re all about growth and self-development. When you see a problem, you’ll search to the ends of the earth for a solution. It’s who you are.
You’ve made strides and shifts with tools like:

➔ Guided meditations

➔ Gratitude journals

➔ Self-help books

➔ Retreats

➔ Private coaching

➔ Empowerment workshops

But even with all of this support, combined with a powerful intention to get to your best self, you STILL may be thinking: 

➔ Why does such a small thing bother me so much? 

➔ I feel restless, but everything is “fine.” 

➔ I’m not happy and don’t know why. 

➔ I never seem to get what I really want. 

So…How can it be?

Honey, I feel your frustration. And I’ve learned from decades and decades of working with clients of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and socio-economic levels this one simple fact.

You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what it is.

The truth is, all of those efforts are wonderful. And they’ve helped you in some way, big or small. But the reason you’ve returned to these familiar feelings of deep dissatisfaction is because any problem-solving effort is worthless without the first step – discovery.

What if you could finally…

See your life from a whole new angle. 

Understand those subconscious feelings of dissatisfaction.

Discover your deepest desires. 

Learn how to set healthy boundaries. 

Learn why your blocks exist and how to release them.

Experience fulfillment and purpose in your everyday life – consistently.

Feel lighter!

I’m Allyson Roberts, world-renowned psychic, healer, and owner of Outrageous Freedom. I’ve spent a LIFETIME helping people from all walks of life, all over the globe, get to the root of their pain so they can be free to experience true joy.

In an effort to reach more souls and help people identify this very problem, I’ve meshed my psychic gifts with the same set of spiritual tools I use with my VIP clients for a truly unique system that has the yin/yang of spirituality and structure.

With this program, you’ll learn how to tackle those deep-seated, trapped emotions from all angles. And when there’s no place to hide, change happens. Now I’m offering it to YOU in the form of…

Soul Cleanse


Early on, I noticed a pattern with countless clients. They had tried everything. And after being determined, just like you, to get out of their own way, they had had enough defeat. I was their last resort.

“Why not give this fancy psychic a try.” 

But I already knew that what they needed was quite simple: to understand what the problem was. Nothing fancy about that 😉

Blocks come in all shapes and sizes and they hide in all areas. This program delivers a birds-eye view of your life so you can shake and rattle around those blocks until they’re finally released – for good

In 7 weeks, you’ll learn:

➔ Why small things bother you so much.

➔ How to calm the negative mental spiral.

➔ Where those blocks come from.

➔ How to clear out negative beliefs and emotions.

➔ How to get out of your head and into your body.

➔ How to set healthy boundaries that align with your new, decluttered self.

➔ How to finally get what you want.

In a private community of no more than 20 truth-seekers like yourself, here’s what you’ll get:

➔ 2 private sessions with me $500.00 value

➔ Full-time support via text! $250.00 value (only my VIP clients receive this!)

➔ Weekly guidance in your inbox $50.00 value

➔ Guided meditations targeted to your specific journey $29.00 value

➔ Assigned exercises and recommended reading to release blocks $150.00 value

Alone, an investment in this kind of one-on-one support and constant access would cost OVER $1,000!

But when you join Soul Cleanse, you get all of the above for only…

Your Investment

That’s over $750 OFF!

And if you enroll before 4/15/19 (midnight EST)

You’ll instantly receive a download of my meditation album!


Count me in, Allyson!

“Allyson has helped me grow in ways that I only dreamed possible. She helped me to see old patterns and make connections between my thoughts and behavior that I didn’t see on my own!”

Stacy Waldman

The Soul Cleanse Breakdown


In our first week together, we’ll kick things off with a 30-minute goal-setting conversation to get hyper-focused on what you desire for this experience. You’ll leave with a mirror exercise that takes you through 21 days of deep self-exploration.


Here, you’ll receive an introduction to the body, mind, soul, and relationship connection. Once you understand how it’s all connected, you’ll receive my customized guided meditation for each segment.


This week brings in a fresh understanding of our soul’s evolution. You’ll gain a deep trust and respect for your past experiences and develop excitement and clarity around the future. Because of this, many students experience an overwhelming wave of compassion.


With gentle guidance, we’ll open the door to your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. You’ll look ‘em dead in the eye and receive step-by-step tools to heal. This shift in the middle of our time together brings about massive change.


Week 5 – Body
We’ll take a personal inventory of how you really feel about yourself — consciously or subconsciously. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare leave you hanging. I’ll arm you with empowering steps to change those negative thoughts into loving ones.


The most important relationship to you is YOU. Get ready to work on self-love, boundaries, and develop a whole new outlook on the relationship you have with yourself. Don’t be surprised if this step affects all of your other relationships.


In this private, on-one-session, we’ll do a deep dive into your Soul Cleanse experience. We’ll clarify any places you feel foggy and you’ll confidently leave knowing “what’s next” with action steps.

“With her [Allyson’s] help, I have been able to turn my life around in every area. She helped save my marriage, and has guided me tremendously in my business… As a fitness instructor and business owner, working with Allyson helps keep my life in balance. It’s sometimes very hard to face our stuff, but Allyson’s gentle approach and her unique and intuitive insight somehow makes it all amazing.” Casey Shipp

Still hemming and hawing?

If you feel weighed down by all you have on your plate, waiting for the perfect time to take this opportunity, I can tell you now that it never will.

That weight you feel is from all the energetic crud you’ve picked up over the years, or possibly, over a lifetime.

The foundation is first, my love.

Take care of your spiritual foundation today, and become shocked at how light you feel tomorrow. You’ll suddenly wonder why the rest of life feels a heck of a lot easier than you remember. But then… you’ll realize why.

Join me and stop spinning your spiritual wheels. Let’s dig in together and pull out this block from the deepest root.


I’m ready to transform, Allyson!