I am a grandmother. Yes, at 53 years old, I am a grandmother. Have you ever had a title or a label that you felt you couldn’t fulfill? An obligation or duty that, while you hoped you’d do your very best, you just weren’t quite sure? Me, too.

My family and I were seated at a “hole in the wall” Thai cafe immediately following the celebration of my father’s life. It was a rough November, and a lot of unnecessary drama around my dad’s death and his service. I was worn out – physically, emotionally, and mentally. I remember thinking, “I am so very sad right now.”

Laura and Jack married in December of 2015. They hadn’t known each other for very long, and shortly after they married, they went to live in China, only to have been scammed. They lost everything…except each other and a lot of determination. Once they were back home, it just seemed that life fell right back into place for them. Even though some of their hopes and dreams weren’t realized, Jack and Laura stood ready to face the world again.

Sitting in that Thai cafe, I sort of felt as if I’d lost everything, but I reminded myself that my daughter was back home, my sister was right beside me, and I share the love of many other relatives and friends. Still. It was devastating to lose my dad, and two siblings, in the process. But, that all was about to change with three words.

Laura looked at me, and said, “Mom, I’m pregnant.” And…just like that…the dagger in my soul vanished.

Today, I am a grandmother. My grandson will grow to learn many things about his family. Some stories will confuse him, others will make him sad…some angry. But, the one story that I hope will bring him joy is this.

Wren Alexander, you are loved. You were loved before your cells were even formed. You were created in love, and you will live in love. That is my legacy to you. That is my legacy to your mother. Breaking all cycles of abuse, choosing everything with outrageous freedom, and building a mighty foundation for you so that you can pass on outrageous freedom, too.

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Much love,
Allyson Roberts