In our quest for “easy fixes,” we can make it so difficult, yes? We want to feel better “RIGHT NOW!” Yet, somehow, that almost gets in the way of us actually feeling better right now. The want becomes so much louder than the actual experience. What causes this? Our inner-child.

Your inner-child is your wounded self that never got answers for their pain. Your inner-child is the part of you that is waiting by the door for dad to pick them up for his visitation – and he never comes. Your inner-child is the one that was never picked for teams on the playground. Your inner-child is crying in the corner listening to dad and mom argue.

Too many of us are afraid to go inside and rescue this hurt child so we look to everyone and everything outside of us to heal the pain. I’ve even had clients look me straight in the eye and adamantly say, “No way, Allyson! I’m not digging up all that crap!”
For starters, it’s not “crap”. We all have unhealed childhood pain. The question I must ask is this – How much pain are you willing to continue enduring before the risk of living your current life is greater than the risk of looking at your past pain? In other words, how bad does it have to get?

Healing our inner-child takes work. First, though, you have to be willing to look at your life patterns and see what is not working for you anymore. Do you job hop? There’s a reason. Do you relationship hop? There’s a reason. Are you terrible with money – broke all the time? There’s a reason. Do you choose “bad” people? There’s a reason. Do you move all the time? There’s a reason. Are you sad without a real explanation? There’s a reason.

A hurt inner-child blames everyone and everything. A hurt inner-child refuses to take responsibility. A hurt inner-child plays the victim, refusing to understand the part they play in everything that happens in their adult life.

A hurt inner-child is running your show if you can relate to the following:

  • You’re afraid to speak your truth.
  • There is constant drama – either created by you or others.
  • You are overwhelmed, exhausted, and see no way out.
  • There is family drama that goes unresolved – and you feel stuck.
  • Your dreams go unfulfilled.
  • There’s no financial plan for your future.
  • You’re constantly worried about money for no tangible reason.
  • You won’t leave the house.
  • You tolerate mistreatment and make excuses for other’s behaviors.
  • You accept blame for things that aren’t your fault just to keep peace.
  • You can’t say, “no.”
  • Your kids are out of control.
  • Your house is a chaotic mess.

If you can relate to four, or more, of the above, then your hurt inner-child is running your life.
Hurt children scream for attention – as they should.

Inner Child

If your inner-child is hurting, there are three things you’re doing that are keeping the hurt intact.

  • Ignoring the fact that your inner-child exists.
  • Scolding or blaming your inner-child for creating issues.
  • Acknowledging your inner-child, but then disregarding him/her.

If you see yourself in this scenario, there is no time like the present, and Spring-time, to being working with your inner-child’s pain. Your child needs YOU to take control with love, compassion, and understanding. Your inner child has an entire story to tell you. The miracle beyond miracles is that your inner child will tell YOU exactly what they need to begin healing – and the results are immediate when you commit to your relationship with them. (People fail at inner-child healing when they refuse to focus on the solution and stay in their pain.)

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My hope is that you will begin healing your life, so that you can live the life you were born to experience. One filled with joy, peace, love, and, of course, outrageous freedom.

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